The 2018 PCNY Turkey Drive


The Hometown Foundation, Inc. and PCNY partnered to distribute 5,500 turkeys from New York City to Philadelphia as part of the 4th annual PCNY Turkey Drive.

The Turkey Drive began in 2014 as a grass root event and one man’s mission. Wayne Schneider a partner in PCNY wanted to give back and ensure every family could have a wonderful Thanksgiving. The first year they distributed over 100 turkeys and continued to grow steadily until 2018 where we distributed 5,500 turkeys and over 10,000 pounds of produce that was donated by A&J Produce. The Turkey Drive is divided into two weekends, the first an exotic car rally to raise money and awareness, followed by the second weekend dedicated to turkey distribution and community outreach. This year turkeys were distributed in The Bronx, Yonkers, Harlem, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia.

In 2019, we look to continue the growth and expand the number of distribution locations across the North East. The Hometown Foundation, Inc. is going to take this one step farther, not only will we be donating turkeys to the greater New York City but also to our local communities. The primary focus areas will be Hartford and New Haven, Connecticut. The foundation in partnership with local community leaders and businesses will come together to create dedicated distribution centers for those in need. The goal is simple, bring communities together and ensure everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Want to help us on the road to 10,000 turkeys in 2019? Contact