The Hometown Foundation, Inc. was proud to secure $50,000.00 worth of pet food for Connecticut Rescues.


What a beautiful day it was on October 4, 2017.  Not only because of the clear blue sky and the sun shining down on the crowd, but because of the contagious energy of dozens of families waiting to be reunited with sailors after a six month deployment.

When we got a call from Purina informing us that they had a large quantity of product available sitting in the Manhattan area, we knew that if we put our heads together, we could find a way to get it in the hands, and paws, of local Connecticut rescue centers. After teaming up with Dog Star Rescue, Pack Leaders Rescue, Turnpike Motors and Auto Body and Jetro & Hooker Brewery, we were able to obtain several pallets from multiple warehouses in New York and transfer them back into our local communities. For places like the Meriden Humane Society, donations like these are crucial since they are non-profits that do not receive any state funding.

Truly a group effort, it was a beautiful sight to see shelters, pantries, truck companies and businesses joining together to help animals in need. Because of their hard work, 15 different rescues were able to come and pick up food. By uniting together, animals were kept healthy and able to find their forever home. Thank you to Purina and all those involved for making this amazing day possible.