Award Recipients Announced

Calling all Police K-9 Units!

This Holiday Season we want to help deserving law enforcement agencies and their K-9 Units who have embodied the principles of honor, respect, pride and demonstrated compassion for their community. Police K-9 Units are not fully funded by their local and state municipalities and rely heavily on private donations. That is why we are awarding three top awards of $3,000 each and one people’s choice award of $1,000 to deserving Police K-9 Units who have exemplified true commitment to their town by protecting and serving.

We are asking any law enforcement agency who has a K-9 Unit to submit their story of how their K-9 Unit has performed a duty that has benefited the safety and security of their community. Whether the K-9 Unit has saved a life, is a community ambassador, found a missing person, or has removed narcotics from the community, we want to hear about it!

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