Dream Ride Pet Adoption Testimonials


We were not planning on adopting a dog at Dream Ride, because at the time we had a 9 year old lab, Nellie, who had to have double ACL surgery back in January and was not in good shape at all.  She had setback after setback and for 8 months we cared for her at home in hopes that she would be able to get back to her old self. I was in no way ready for a puppy or any dog at that point, but then I saw this puppy and fell in love.

We brought Bandit (his new name) home and he and Nellie bonded immediately. Unfortunately, Bandit coming home helped me to make a very difficult decision, Nellie had no quality of life (something my husband, Joe, knew a month earlier) and by this point we had to help her just to stand up. So, after a few weeks we made the decision to give Nellie a better life in heaven, both Joe and I were devastated but knew we made the right decision for her.

Having Bandit is a godsend – I don’t think I could have made the tough decision about Nellie or been able to come home to an empty house.  Things always happen for a reason and I am sure Bandit came into our life to help us say goodbye to Nellie.

I am so happy to report that Bandit is doing great! He is an active puppy with lots of energy and loves to be outside and walk and hike! He is definitely a snuggler and has adjusted really well. He loves other dogs and people! He constantly wags his tail (something Nellie did all the time) He was a great little brother to Nellie in her last few weeks.

– Lisa C.


The Dream Ride Experience made the process of finding the right dog so easy – instead of visiting different shelters all over the state, they had more than a dozen different rescues to choose from all in one place!

When I first saw Nestle at the Dream Ride pet adoption event it was love at first sight. He just gave me a look and I knew he needed to be part of my family. During the adoption process, I discovered that Big Dog Ranch Rescue had rescued Nestle from the streets of Puerto Rico. With help and donations from The Hometown Foundation, Inc., BDRR was able to bring food and supplies to the homeless pets of Puerto Rico and bring some of those homeless pets, including Nestle, back to the states for adoption.

Adopting Nestle at Dream Ride, knowing how The Hometown Foundation, Inc. had helped the homeless animals of Puerto Rico, just seemed like fate. Nestle is the perfect addition to our family and I couldn’t imagine our lives without him.

– Michelle A.