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When disaster hits, we hit harder. The Hometown Foundation, Inc. is proud to partner with Bozzuto’s, Inc., a procurement logistics company, and Purina, one of the largest animal food companies. As a result of this partnership, The Hometown Foundation, Inc. has the resources to access materials and facilitate deliveries to support disaster-stricken areas in a way that no one else can. We have access to an army of distribution trucks, ready on command that are able to deliver and distribute mass quantities of supplies to areas in need. Our access to quick mobilization allows us to react quickly and assist disaster stricken areas.  In addition to having the access to distribution, transportation, and necessary supplies, we also have a staging area that is capable of allocating the necessary resources needed to be distributed. 

Our passion, coupled with our access to necessary resources, has allowed us for over a decade to assist disaster stricken areas. We have stocked, transported and unloaded truckloads of crucial supplies during times of disaster. Through diverse sponsorships, we are also able to obtain supplies that cannot be sourced through regular donations. As a result of our ability to provide transportation, your donation dollars go to where it matters most – feeding, transporting, housing and vaccinating animals in disaster-stricken areas. This initiative provides support and resources to animals when nothing else can get to them. We have been able to support and assist a variety of charities across the country to make a positive difference when areas are hit with disaster. When areas are unexpectedly hit, the dilemma is not that suppliers don’t want to help; the issue is the ability to delivery mass quantities of products to those areas. Our unique ability to assist with disaster relief in a timely manner has truly been the reason for our success in helping areas that need it most. When disaster strikes, you want to know that you will be taken care of in times of need. The Hometown Foundation is proud to be a key organization that helps in disaster relief.

We Do What Others Can't:

After hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, The Hometown Foundation, Inc. teamed up with several local rescues to save over 1,000 dogs, cats and horses. After the Foundation dropped off trucks full of much-needed food and supplies to residents and veterinary clinics island-wide, animals that were steps away from death were then examined by veterinarians and then loaded up on cargo planes to safety. They are then transferred to local animal rescues supported by The Hometown Foundation, Inc. for medical treatment and proper care that they desperately need.

Hurricane Harvey is tied with 2005’s Hurricane Katrina as the costliest tropical cyclone on record, inflicting $125 billion in damage. Although Hurricanes Harvey and Maria hit the United States within a month of each other, The Hometown Foundation, Inc. had the means to assist both areas when they needed it most. The Foundation was able to travel down to Texas multiple times and supply two full truckloads of food, water and pet supplies.

Being in the Northeast, Hurricane Sandy hit close to home for The Hometown Foundation, Inc. In the wake of the devastating damage, the foundation made a $100,000 donation to provide assistance to family-owned and operated retailers and local food banks. Our assistance in hard-hit areas of Connecticut, Long Island and Rhode Island, provided two and four-legged victims with food, medicine and supplies.

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