What We Do:

At The Hometown Foundation, Inc., we know that pets are family. That is why we are proud supporters of the animal welfare community. Through our initiatives to help animals in need, we have facilitated the adoption of hundreds of dogs and cats, donated thousands of pounds pet food, litter, and medical supplies, helped transport animals out of natural disaster stricken areas, and so much more. The Hometown Foundation, Inc. also hosts a Pet Month every May in conjunction with IGA retail stores. During this month, the stores sell hang tags for $1 or reusable bags for $5 to raise money so we are able to carry out our initiatives. Take a look at some of our other animal welfare initiatives.

How We Do It:

As a result of our generous sponsors, partners and general donations, we are able to facilitate the donation of hundreds of animals annually and donate food to animals in need. We are proud to partner throughout the year with 20 animal rescues domestically who assist in facilitating adoption opportunities. Our pet adoption center at The Dream Ride Experience is our premiere adoption event of the year where dozens of animals are able to be adopted and welcomed into loving homes. Our IGA Retail Partners host May Pet Month as a fundraiser to raise money for our Animal Welfare Pillar, raising thousands of dollars to support adoption events annually. Pet Food companies including Purina and Blue Buffalo are two of our proud partners who assist in the donation of thousands of pounds of animal annually to rescues in need. The Hometown Foundation, Inc. has been recognized in the state as the premiere host for pet adoptions and we are proud to host multiple opportunities for animals to find a loving home.

Our Goal:

While we continue to grow our current animal welfare programs and initiatives, we are determined to expand them in the near future. There is never a loss of homeless animals and it is our mission to educate the public about these animals and pets through public events so they can be adopted into their forever homes. We aim to be the voice for these animals when nobody else is by keeping them safe, healthy, and getting them into loving homes. We also are aiming to host a free vaccine clinic for families who can’t afford to vaccinate their pets. The first two areas we will host the vaccine are New Haven and Hartford. We believe all pets should have access to good health and proper care no matter where they are located. The Hometown Foundation, Inc. acts as the liaison between animals and people in hopes to build a connected community.

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