Hometown Foundation, Inc. Steps Up for the North East’s Largest Turkey Drive

September 18, 2019 – The Hometown Foundation, Inc., and @sparky18888 are pleased to announce that they have secured 10,000 turkeys for those in need across Hartford, New Haven, and the Greater New York City area. Through connections in our local communities and partnership with PCNY, turkeys will be distributed in Connecticut on Saturday November 23th and in Greater New York City area on Sunday the 24th.

In 2018, the Foundation donated 5,000 turkeys to families in need during the holiday season to ensure they had a wonderful Thanksgiving, regardless of their circumstances. Turkeys were distributed to the Bronx, Yonkers, Harlem, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia.

For 2019 we are continuing to raise the bar on this initiative and it’s quickly becoming one of the largest holiday initiatives across the country.

“Very few foundations globally can take on such an undertaking and deliver that quantity of turkeys in an efficient and effective manor, the event is truly top notch” said Chris Sferruzzo Executive Vice President of Finance at Bozzuto Inc.

We want to thank our sponsors and community partners for supporting those in need during the holiday season. This all was made possible by @sparky18888, Bozzutos INC., Marcum Accounting, Turnpike Motors, and All State Fire Equipment.

For more information or to get involved- mdoyle@bozzutos.com

Hometown Foundation, Inc. Steps Up to Help Hurricane Dorian Victims

September 11, 2019 — Hurricane Dorian has left its mark on the Bahamas, but the Hometown Foundation, Inc. is working quickly to assist those in need who have suffered a tremendous loss. The Hometown Foundation, Inc. is raising funds to provide direct relief and assistance the areas that have been destroyed.

The Hometown Foundation, Inc. has teamed up with Cheney Brothers, Operation 300 and Rescue Life to raise funds and get the much needed supplies as quickly as possible. We have already sent over 4 truckloads of food and supplies to victims and are donating seven solar powered generators and solar panels to provide necessary electricity. As part of the Dream Ride 365 movement, we have seen so many amazing things happen when our Dream Ride Family comes together. We feel the need now more than ever to lean on our community and ask for help.

You can help today by texting the keyword BahamasRelief to 41444 to donate. You can also donate online at hometownfoundation.org. We thank you in advance for your continued support in this initiative.


Plainfield Police Welcome New 4-Legged Officer

Plainfield Police Officer Ryan Barile poses with the department’s new police dog named Warin.
[John Shishmanian/ NorwichBulletin.com]

PLAINFIELD — Inside Plainfield police headquarters on Friday, the department’s newest officer was laser-focused on a spiky, yellow ball.

When the ball was launched by Officer Ryan Barile, Warin, a 2-year-old, 72-pound German shepherd with a black muzzle, chocolate-and-tan fur and a brushy tail, lunged after the toy before settling at his handler’s feet.

“Warin definitely loves his ball and when he sees that, he’s ready to roll,” Barile, a two-year veteran of the department said, stroking his partner’s coat. “I can say I definitely would not have expected to have a dog this early in my career, but it’s going to be a great challenge and I’m looking forward to embracing every minute of it.”

Barile, 24, said Warin — the name means “protector” or “defender” in German, is on track to become the force’s newest patrol canine, a job that fits the animal’s pedigree to a T.

“His dad is with the New York City Police Department’s emergency services unit and the minute I saw video of Warin, I knew he was the right dog,” Barile said.

Once Barile was given the go-ahead a few months back to begin searching for a new patrol dog, he hit the ground running. He hooked up with the Hometown Foundation Inc. group out of Cheshire that allowed the officer to select Warin from a breeder and covered the cost.

“This foundation has gone above and beyond and is continuing to donate items including a GPS collar, bite sleeves and other specialized equipment,” Barile said. “Plainfield, like most police departments in the country, doesn’t have a specific K9 budget and strictly rely on their communities and private donations and grants to operate a successful program.”

And the community has stepped up with local banks, individual donators and community groups pledging help to cover the costs of supplies, protective gear and other items.

Warin, once he completes a 16-week state police K9 training class in the fall, will be the department’s second working police dog. But unlike Vail, the department’s narcotics police dog, Warin will be trained to handle patrol-related issues, Chief Michael Surprenant said.

“That kind of work includes tracking suspects and missing persons, from children that wandered from home to elderly folks with Alzheimer’s,” he said. “In addition, Warin will be trained to protect his handler and other officers and hunt down evidence.”

Warin’s reward-based centers around that yellow ball, while drug-sniffing police dogs work on a food-incentive system.

Dog such as Warin can easily cost a department upwards of $8,000 — too dear a price for town and department that struggled through a thorny budget cycle this year.

“We know your budget seasons are going to be tight, so we’re always on the lookout for organizations that can support us,” Surprenant said. “And Barile is an eager young officer who reached out and got us this dog.”

Barile, who grew up around dogs, said Warin quickly warmed to his new surroundings.

“He’s been great at the department, socializing with everyone as if he’s known them his entire life,” he said. “He’s a friendly dog and, as the department’s community resource officer, I expect we’ll be out at parades and in schools. I did have to transition him off his old raw meat diet to kibble — that much meat is pretty expensive.”

By John Penney

Plainfield Key Bank K-9 Press Release


In March of 2019, The Hometown Foundation, Inc. received a request from Plainfield CT Police Department for assistance in continuing their Police K-9 program after the recent unexpected retirement of its German Shepherd K-9. The Plainfield Police Department previously used its K-9 to detect narcotics, locate missing persons, search vehicles, and apprehend criminals in their small town of 16,000 residents. The quickest way to find a lost person or suspect in a town with this much wooded area, is by using a Police K-9.  In order to keep the community safe and continue their efforts, The Hometown Foundation, Inc., in conjunction with Key Bank, donated a fully equipped Police K-9 to the Plainfield Police Department. 

The Police K-9 was donated in early June 2019 to Officer Ryan Barile who will be the new Police K-9 Handler for their department. This donation would not have been possible without the generous support of our Police K-9 Program by Key Bank. Because of their contribution dollars through the Neighborhood Assistance Act, we were able to donate a K-9, leads, and tug toys on the day K-9 Warren was picked up. 

The K-9 Handler and the K-9 Officer will also receive a Garmin Watch, a Garmin GPS collar with Huntview Maps, and other equipment that will be purchased and donated to the department. The well-being of the Handler and K-9 are our top priorities and thanks to Key Bank we are able to ensure their safety and make sure they are fully equipped and ready for the job. Chris Sferruzzo of The Hometown Foundation, Inc. states “Given how rural the area is and how much tracking the K-9s do, it is imperative that the location of the handler and K-9 is known at all times. It is also important to know their previous locations so they can keep track of where they’ve been.” Thankfully, the Garmin equipment we provide them will make this possible and is one of the ways we keep everyone safe.  

Training is a vital component of K-9 Police work that is not publicly funded. Proper and extensive training is expensive yet critical to the K-9 Unit’s success. To combat the expense, we work with the departments to raise money through local fundraisers and initiatives. The support of the community is so important during this process because the expenses of a K-9 Unit never cease throughout the year. Although we jumpstart the donation process, funding within the community is needed year round to support the on-going costs of training, equipment, and other expenditures. We are grateful for Key Bank supporting our K-9 program and helping us get this pivotal process started for Plainfield CT Police Department. 

The town of Plainfield, Connecticut might be small but they sure have a big heart. Dedication and determination isn’t something their town is lacking. They are a community that comes together in a time of need and are excited to begin on this journey with the Police Department. The residents and the town support the police’s decision to continue the program. Although the K-9 will be operating as a fully functional officer, he will also be present at school pep rallies, fundraisers, and other functions so he becomes a friendly and familiar face within the community. The K-9 will soon be known all around town and be trained in tracking missing persons, obedience, suspect apprehension, and handler protection. Plainfield is very excited to work with K-9 Warren and make him a part of the team. We encourage residents and business owners to help them with any financial assistance possible since the program is vastly funded by private donations. 

Spring Celebration at the Farmington Polo Club!

A beautiful day full of laughter and fun, brought families together to celebrate the 41st Annual Farmington Egg Hunt at The Farmington Polo Club! The event featured a multiple array of different vendors such as Dom’s Coffee, organic produce, handmade jewelry, custom paintings, children’s clothing, and unique crafts. Alongside the vendors there was a cookie decorating tent where crowds of children gathered together to decorate egg and bunny-shaped cookies with festive spring colors!

Across the field and inside the barn, families lined up to get their photo taken with Mrs. Bunny. While waiting in line at the barn to take photos with Mrs. Bunny, there were buckets of fresh apples and carrots in the aisle way to feed the ponies. The biggest event of the day were the 5 egg hunts that ranged from ages infant to age 9. Children flooded the grassy fields by the dozens collecting eggs as fast as they could in search of the golden egg. The Spring Celebration event was such an amazing way to kick off the 2019 season for The Farmington Polo Club!

The Hometown Foundation, Inc. with Key Bank Donates New GPS Tracking Collar to Stamford PD K-9 Unit

A Police K-9 Officer, at a Project Blue Paw event at Trumbull High School with Best Buddies. participant.

Police K-9 Officer Badge of the Stamford Police Department has received a brand new Alpha 100/TT 15 Dog Track and Train System by Garmin. In conjunction with Key Bank, The Hometown Foundation, Inc., was able to donate the Alpha 100/TT which has state of the art capabilities. The device is a crucial component for K-9 Badge’s Handler, Officer Mark Vitti, to help keep track of his K-9 at all times. It can also help K-9 Officer Mark Vitti measure the area being searched, determine the direction K-9 Badge travels, and has Geo-Fence alerts and e-collar training. The pinpoint accuracy that this collar provides of Badge’s location is imperative in ensuring his safety while he serves with the Stamford Police Department.

With ‘Emergency Response Personnel’ being one of The Hometown Foundation, Inc.’s core initiatives, they are no stranger to supporting local and national Police Departments. One program they facilitate is K-9 Awareness Month. This is a multifaceted campaign held every February consisting of in-store fundraising, cash collection boxes in local businesses, T-shirt sales, the Blue Jeans for Blue Paws Program, and much more. Other events and fundraisers are held throughout the year to raise funds for K-9 Units across the country. The proceeds that are collected are used for purchasing Police K-9s, GPS tracking collars, training, and necessary safety equipment for the K-9s.

The funds raised are also used to fuel our Project Blue Paw Program, which is an initiative run by The Hometown Foundation, Inc. and Best Buddies and aims to give high school students the opportunity to learn how K-9s are trained for police and military work. The program also educates the students about trauma, and behavioral and occupational aspects of Police K-9s. Children with intellectual disabilities are also included in the program in order to make new friends and interact with local, community and law enforcement leaders.

The Hometown Foundation, Inc. & Key Bank are ecstatic to donate this advanced technology to the Stamford PD K-9 Unit and hope it will assist them in their future endeavors. We would like to thank Key Bank for sponsoring The Hometown Foundation, Inc.’s K-9 Awareness Month and being a proud partner. If you are looking for ways to get involved, such as this one, please visit HometownFoundation.org.

Yankee Harley-Davidson Teams Up with Bristol Tech Education Center for Battle of the Kings Custom Build Competition

April 15, 2019 – Yankee Harley-Davidson has entered the Battle of the Kings competition, a Custom Bike Build Competition between Harley-Davidson dealerships across the country to see who can build the best customized bike. This year, Yankee Harley invited students from the local tech school, Bristol Tech Education Center, to come help build the bike and The Hometown Foundation, Inc. documented and supported the entire experience!

Yankee wanted to get the Bristol Tech students involved to show them a real-life experience as well as submerge them in the Harley-Davidson bike culture. The team took a 2019 Road Glide and transformed it into an All-American spectacle. They customized everything from color, exhaust, to handle bars. The team gave the students control by allowing them to come up with ideas and then apply them to the bike. The Hometown Foundation, Inc. was proud to partner with Yankee Harley-Davidson and follow the team on their 3-month long transformation. We documented everything from the breakdown of the bike to the powder coating and airbrush and even to the big reveal photo shoot. This project wouldn’t have been possible without the works of Explicit Airbrush, Shoreline Coatings LLC, and Melnick Metal Works Inc. They all worked together to create a show-stopping, one-of-kind motorcycle.

Yankee also made it an engaging experience for the students by inviting Mike Moore, District Manager of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, to oversee the project and talk to the students about what he does for the company. Students were able to talk to Mike and ask how they can achieve a career at Harley-Davidson and how to make their resume stand out among the others. It was great to see the enthusiasm they had for being there and experiencing the Harley-Davidson brand. The entire Yankee team was so passionate to share their years of wisdom and answer any questions the students had. They truly gave the students a once-in-a-lifetime experience and more dealerships should follow their lead.

Voting is now open from April 15th – May 15th. Be sure to visit the website and vote! CLICK HERE! To see the full transformation video, CLICK HERE! Thank you in advance for your support. Wishing you a safe and fun riding season!

Jacob Dore, Steve Perry Team Up For Bullring Bash Dream Ride

(Press release from The Bullring Bash) 

Driver Jacob Dore and owner Steve Perry will team up to race on behalf of the Hometown Foundation and Maine Special Olympics in 2019.

As part of the Dream Ride Experience program, Dore, the two-time Star Speedway Modified track champion, will make his return to the class for the first time since 2013 in the Bullring Bash Quarter Mile Challenge season opener at White Mountain Motorsports Park on June 16.

“We’re going to do our best, have a lot of fun doing it, and raise some money for charity,” said driver Jacob Dore. “I’ve had some good history at White Mountain before, and some good history in a Modified, so we’ll see if we can mix the two together. Everything that we’re doing as a race team this year is a fundraiser for the Hometown Foundation and the Dream Ride. Steve came to me with the opportunity to run his Modified and do a year where we just fundraise for them, and everything we earn will go directly to charity.”

“I’ve always admired the Modifieds, and I’ve always had a friendship with Jacob,” said car owner Steve Perry. “I just felt like the opportunity presented itself with him this year with the fact that I owned a Modified, and we’ve turned it into the Dream Ride racing program to try and bring awareness to the Hometown Foundation and Special Olympics. We’re purely going to use it as a fundraising opportunity, which is something that I don’t think has ever been done in motorsports.”

“It’s amazing to have both Jacob and Steve involved in the Bullring Bash, especially with such an important charitable effort as the Dream Ride program,” said Bullring Bash founder Josh Vanada. “Having great race teams helps us put on an incredible show, but the importance of their charitable efforts extends far beyond the racetrack. We’re excited to welcome them to our entry list in 2019, and look forward to watching their work to benefit the Hometown Foundation.”

The Dream Ride racing effort combines the efforts of JRD Racing and Mainely Motorsports to benefit the Hometown Foundation and its support of the Maine Special Olympics. The venture is privately funded, allowing all sponsorship money and race winnings to be donated directly to the Hometown Foundation to provide to the Maine Special Olympics.

Among other accolades, Dore is a multiple race winner in the Granite State Pro Stock Series, including a victory at White Mountain in 2016. Perry is a longtime car owner and promoter of short track racing whose Mainely Motorsports TV show and Northeast Motorsports Expo are pillars of the New England Racing community. With that in mind, both are excited to hit the track in June, both for the White Mountain facility and the opportunity to be part of the inaugural Bullring Bash event.

“I’m probably the most excited about going to White Mountain in a Modified,” said Dore. “I think it’s going to be a pretty interesting event there—I think the track has a lot of characteristics that are going to be fun to drive in a Modified. I’ve raced there twice, and the first time we ever raced there, we won, so it’s treated me well. It doesn’t really compare to anywhere else, because it’s totally different, but it’s fun to drive!”

“It’s huge, because anytime something that’s not the norm happens, people get behind it,” added Perry. “Fans that may never go to another event like this again will always go to the first one, the car count is highest at the first one, and every racing promotion always has a big first event. White Mountain is a beautiful facility with a great ownership group led by Cris Michaud, and Josh Vanada is one of the most professional short track leaders that I’ve ever met. It’s going to be a very professionally run, well thought-out, and well put-together event, and I’m just looking forward to being involved.”

For more information on Mainely Motorsports, visit http://www.mainelymotorsportstv.com. To follow JRD Racing on Facebook, click here. To keep up with the Bullring Bash Quarter Mile Challenge, teams and fans can visit http://www.bullringbash.com.


To view the full press release click here.

5,500 Turkeys For Those In Need!


Contact: Mack Doyle, The Hometown Foundation, Inc.

Phone: 203.250.5391

Email: mdoyle@bozzutos.com

Sparky18888, Precision Concierge “PCNY”, Bozzuto’s, Inc., The Hometown Foundation, Inc., & The Garden of Eden Foundation Secure 5,500 Turkeys for those in need!

Sunday, November 18th ––Precision Concierge (PCNY), The Hometown Foundation, Inc., Sparky18888, and The Garden of Eden Foundation are pleased to announce that they have secured 5,500 turkeys for those in need across the greater New York City area. Through connections with PCNY in association with The Hometown Foundation, Inc., turkeys will be distributed by volunteers and community activists across the city.

Sparky18888 and PCNY reached out to The Hometown Foundation, Inc. to secure a large allocation of turkeys from Bozzuto’s, Inc. Immediately, the foundation secured sponsorship and commitment from Turnpike Motors Autobody, ACI Dynamix, Flexco Convertors, Yankee Harley-Davidson, and other community leaders. PCNY was also able to secure 10,000 pounds of produce through their relationship with A&J Produce.

“We commend Sparky18888 and PCNY for setting the bar of donating 5,500 turkeys. The Hometown Foundation, Inc. and Bozzuto’s, Inc are happy to contribute to one of the largest turkey giveaways for those in need. Our company strides to support local communities and believes everyone should have a wonderful Thanksgiving,” said Chris Sferruzzo, Executive Vice President of Finance at Bozzuto’s, Inc.
“At PCNY we work closely with our friends at The Hometown Foundation, Inc. and The Garden of Eden Foundation. When we heard of this opportunity and the impact it would have for families in the NYC area, we jumped in with no hesitation! We have had huge success the past three years but this event goes above and beyond anything we have ever done,” said Wayne Schneider of PCNY.

We would like to thank our sponsors involved in this turkey donation and operation. They include Sparky18888, Precision Concierge, Bozzuto’s, Inc., The Garden of Eden Foundation, The Hometown Foundation, Inc., Turnpike Motors Autobody, ACI Dynamix, Enterprise, Flexco Convertors, Yankee Harley-Davidson, Miller Motorcars, 104.1 WMRQ, and Broadway Auto Brokers.

Please join us Sunday, November 18th at Broadway Auto Brokers for the unloading of these 5,500 turkeys and thousands of pounds of produce. For more information, please contact Mack Doyle at mdoyle@bozzutos.com.


$50,000.00 of Dog Food for CT Rescues!

Dog Star Rescue, Pack Leaders Rescue, The Hometown Foundation, Inc. Turnpike Motors Auto Body, Jetro & Hooker Brewery Secure $50,000.00 of Dog Food for CT Rescues!


PRESS RELEASE                                        

Mack Doyle, The Hometown Foundation
Phone: 203.250.5391     Email: mdoyle@bozzutos.com

Wednesday, July 18th ––Dog Star Rescue and Pack Leaders Rescue are pleased to announce that they have secured $50,000.00 worth of pet food products. Through connections at Nestle Purina PetCare Company in association with The Hometown Foundation, Inc., they were able to provide this product to many rescues across the state.


Nestle Purina PetCare Company had reached out to The Hometown Foundation, Inc., on securing a large donation of Purina products for rescues in need from Jetro Cash & Carry. Immediately, the foundation secured sponsorship and commitment from Turnpike Motors Auto Body who sponsored transportation of the donated products and Hooker Brewery who assisted in the unloading and storage. The product pick up was led by Dan McCabe of Dog Star Rescue and Montana Catenio of Pack Leaders Rescue who both had one goal in mind, to distribute this donation to rescues across Connecticut.


“We are looking forward to getting this pet food out to rescues, shelters & humane societies as soon as possible. Having this much food on hand allows us to supply multiple organizations in need throughout the entire state,” said Dan McCabe, founder of Dog Star Rescue.


“At Turnpike Motors Auto Body we work closely with our friends at The Hometown Foundation, Inc. When we heard of this opportunity and the impact it would have for Connecticut rescues, we jumped in with no hesitation! Opportunities and acts of kindness like this are critical for our furry friends,” said Marty Smith of Turnpike Motors Auto Body.


We would like to thank our sponsors involved in this pet food donation and operation. They include Turnpike Motors Auto Body, Jetro Cash & Carry, The Hometown Foundation, Inc., Dog Star Rescue, Pack Leaders Rescue, Hooker Brewery, Enterprise and especially Nestle Purina PetCare Company.


Please join us this Saturday, July 21st at Dog Star Rescue 12 Tobey Road, Bloomfield, CT 06002 at 10:00am, as we unload this food for dozens of well-deserving rescues.


Hometown Foundation, Inc.

The Hometown Foundation is a non-profit, charitable foundation dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and their families in hometowns and surrounding communities where we operate. The Hometown Foundation honors and assists six key areas of interest: children in need, major illness, intellectual disabilities, military, emergency response personnel, and animal welfare.


Dog Star Rescue

is a grass-roots effort started by a group of dog lovers with experience in the rescue world. You can find our Mission Statement on this site, along with our reasons for adopting a rescue dog and information about our current volunteers.  To check out our recommendations for other companies and services that love dogs almost as much as we do, see our Friends of Dog Star Rescue


Pack Leaders
Pack Leaders Rescue of CT saves the lives of animals every day through three branches of our organization. Our transport service and behavioral training program allow us to rescue, evaluate, and rehabilitate animals, and we place these animals into forever homes through our rescue program. Our rescue and behavioral training programs maintain relationships with adopters to ensure successful placements that last a lifetime.


Turnpike Motors Auto Body

In 1969 Turnpike Motors Auto Body was opened in Newington, Connecticut by Doug Fernandez, Sr. Since opening, our company has grown from five employees to 45 and from 7 bays to 36 bays. Our facility features modern high-tech equipment, a highly trained staff, and a clean, customer friendly environment.

Jetro Cash and Carry

We offer a great selection of restaurant and catering supplies, food preparation equipment and take-out containers.., all at low, low prices. Jetro is open to operators of food businesses and nonprofit organizations only. Therefore, our members won’t see their customers shopping at Jetro. Merchandise is logically grouped and displayed to make shopping easy. We also have maps, aisle directories and a multi-lingual staff to help our customers find products quickly. Since Jetro is a wholesale supplier, most items we stock are sold by the case. For product description, size, number of selling units and price, please consult the shelf label placed directly above or below each stocked item. If you are not sure whether a package contains the product you want, please ask for assistance