Recognizing and Raising Money for our Local Police K-9 Units

Recognizing and Raising Money for our Local Police K-9 Units

Each year, The Hometown Foundation, Inc. recognizes the month of February as Police K-9 Awareness Month. During this month, the Foundation raises funds to donate Police K-9s, support training, and purchase essential equipment such as Garmin G.P.S collars and watches, K-9 Cooling vests, Police Cruiser heat alarms, bite suits, and more to local and state police departments. To date, we have donated 17 K-9s to 7 states. Police K-9s are the most valuable supplement to manpower in a police department. They are used for finding missing persons, detecting narcotics and accelerants, apprehending suspects, finding crime scene evidence, handler protection, and used as a community policing tool. Despite the essential role that Police K-9s offer law enforcement agencies, in many states and municipalities these programs are not funded by their local governments, which means they rely heavily on private donations.

The programs we implement to reach our goals are Blue Jeans for Blue Paws, restaurant fundraisers, and our Hang Tag/Round Up and Reusable Bag Program, which are incorporated into our IGA, Retailer, and Independent stores. The Hometown Foundation also utilizes the donation box program, which requires the support from local businesses and restaurants to place donation boxes in their facilities or check out areas to collect donations. All proceeds benefit the local Police K-9 in your community.

Throughout the year, we also host K-9 focused events within the community to rally the citizens to raise awareness of their local Police K-9 Units and to shed light on the assistance that they need. The Hometown Foundation works closely with local and state police departments to understand what they need and how to equip their personnel properly.

You can get involved by donating to The Hometown Foundation, Inc. at For more information on how to support your Police K-9 Units, please contact The Hometown Foundation at or 203-250-5661.

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